A Way Out

A Way Out

A Co-Op Adventure.





Unreal Engine


Jan 2017 - March 2018


VO, SFX, recording, editing, environment sounds, bug fixing implementation in Unreal.


A Co-Op Experience

On A Way Out I worked mainly with ambiences, VO and implementation, but also added in some sound effects here and there. I also recorded a lot of VO and assisted during recordings. We used Unreal Engine's own sound tools, alongside some additions from our eminent programmers. This meant that a lot of time was spent in Unreal, working in the level with matinees and blueprints.


We were a small team of ~3,5 people in the sound department; me, Måns Ortner (technical sound designer and currently sound lead), Gustaf Grefberg (composer, sound lead) and Philip Martin (cinematic artist & motion capture, VO cutting and editing, came in during fall 2017 and worked with us in audio until submit stop).


I started out as an intern in januari 2017 and was hired in august 2017.

Lovisa Bergdahl

Stockholm, Sweden


+46 735 12 41 03