Yes - I do make cringy youtube videos.


I've written music for quite some time. I write both singer/songwriter tracks as well as game scores and ambiences. Here you'll find examples of all three. I have the youtube channel Wanessie with ~160 000 views.

I also upload demos and sound design to my SoundCloud.


I am an experienced vocalist, and have performed with my choir on national TV, and as a soloist on private events such as weddings. When recording I work in Reaper, but older projects were made with Cubase.

Barley - Original song


Optimist - Original song


Theme of H - Original song


Through the Mirrors - Original song


Iron Might Trailer


The trailer for a PvP multiplayer game made over the course of 4 weeks at futuregames. I provided SFX and music.

Lovisa Bergdahl

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 735 12 41 03