Cannonboat (Futuregames): Nominated for Best Execution in Art at SGA16.

A top down, twin stick shooter wherein you terrorize Islands in the Caribbean. Made over 10 days in a team consisting of 6 people.



Team size





10 days

My responsibilities included:

Sound Design, music, mixing, foley recordings, implementation of sound effects using Unreal & Blueprint.

I recorded, edited and mixed sound effects.

The sound design of Cannonboat has three main aspects: the ambience, the cannons and the debris. And of course the music.

This was the very first game project I developed at Futuregames, and I did not yet have a proper sound library to use. Therefore I used free and bought assets rather than my own recordings to create the whimsical, over the top feel of the game.

The ambience consists of a recording from Gotland, layered with birds (same location but separate recordings) and some additional  city and church ambience from Soundly. The civilian impact sounds are mictures of own recordings of debris, and whatever recordings of sheep, cows and unfortunate civilians I could find freely on the internet.

Much of the cannons are layered with BOOM Library's Historical Firearms.